Wedding & Celebrations

Escalating the charisma, making events memorable

Marriages in India are celebrated with great, pomp and grandeur. Mock wedding can be arranged for our guests with special emphasis on traditional rituals and active praticipation for each and every member.

To start with the group is divided in to two parties i.e. The Bridal and groom are clothed in colorful Indian Bridal clothes and traditional wedding attire complete with turban and jewels. Decorated camels/horses/chariots form the groom's procession which is led by a brass band and other musicians. When the procession reaches the Bride's richly decorated venue with lights, fresh flowers and leaves they are heartily welcomed by the brides parents, relatives and close friends.

The Bride and groom are seated in ornamental chairs on a stage, where the wedding garlands are exchanged followed by folk dances, music and a sumptuous wedding Banquet. After dinner the Rites and Rituals begin in the Mandap(small decorated square) with the chanting of Vedic mantras and hymns by learned pandits from ancient Hindu scriptures.

The Bride and Groom then tie the knot of ever lasting union in front of everybody, and then take seven rounds of the sacred fire, each round signifying a sacred marriage vow.