Tirthraj beckons your soul

You are where you need to be, Just breath

Synonymous to 'the king of all pilgrimage spots', from where you can access every nook and corner of the traditional and modern Jaipur while resting in the abode of divine peace.

As modern as royal, as new as traditional, as princely as a prince could desire, as divine as a princesses heart, the rooms and apartments of Tirthraj are all of this and way more then a flow of musical words can describe. Just as love knows only one language as infinite as itself-"silence", on a similar note we don't want to go overboard on this part. You got to see it to believe it, experience it to know it.

10 king size service apartments with queen like grace and princess like beauty is a treat to all your senses. A perfect base where you are in the center of Jaipur and everything important revolves around your majestic glory.

AThe apartment has 3 bedrooms making it a space/comfort bonanza, a hall where you could escape time and one well equipped pantry the items of which would create tastebud stimulating , heart melting, time stopping moments.

What both types have in common is that the units are all fully furnished and equipped, including conveniences expected in hotel rooms such as television, DVD, and internet access, but also catering facilities.

High end serviced apartments may have luxury features such as European-style gourmet kitchens, generous closet space, full-sized washer and dryer, ceramic tiled bathrooms, oversized tubs, and high-tech wiring/networking capabilities.

Many serviced apartments may be booked online via websites or dedicated portals for finding serviced accommodation, or through agents, who may be able to negotiate discounts from the standard nightly rate and/or the inclusion of additional services, such as internet, if they are not included as standard.

Your wish will always be our command

Even the king of yesteryears would want to be reborn now, at coordinate Tirthraj that is. You are in the arms and wings of an angel, she knows how hard you have worked to reach here. Now it is your time to chill and our time to take care of all your whims, fancies and desires , of-course within the norms of what can be:

29 Deluxe apartment rooms with facilities like:

Indoor Swimming Pool

wi-Fi facilities



Doctor on Call

Travel Desk


Big Green Lawn