Living here is a huge scoop of celebrations galore

Deluxe Apartment

10 king size service apartments with queen like grace and princess like beauty is a treat to all your senses. A perfect base where you are in the center of Jaipur and everything important revolves around your majestic glory.

The apartment has 3 bedrooms making it a space/comfort bonanza, a hall where you could escape time and one well equipped pantry the items of which would create tastebud stimulating, heart melting, time stopping moments.

As modern as royal, as new as traditional, as princely as a prince could desire, as divine as a princesses heart, the rooms and apartments of Tirthraj are all of this and way more then a flow of musical words can describe. Just as love knows only one language as infinite as itself-"silence", on a similar note we don't want to go overboard on this part. You got to see it to believe it, experience it to know it.

A pool where eternity would want to take a dip

Indoor means classy, more privacy, and much more...

Water and fire are the most sacred of elements which when meet create the mystical Ether. Let the fire in you find solace in these cool waters. Surrender to these waters and feel all the weight of the atmosphere go away and all magic in you come to life. A good mood activator and a health bonanza, be game, Mr. and Mrs. fantastic.


A bar where every war converts into a battle of love

Where every cocktail/mocktail and the most exotic and legacysome liqours take you into a stress free world within and beyond. Let yourself loose and release the pent-up energy in your system. A few pegs and healthy cheers in this wonderous envoronment is good for socializing, being with yourself and improving your health without puting too much of a dent on your wealth.

A restaurant which calls out "howdy foodie"

to every gentleman and noble lady who wants to celebrate foodly desires to the max

The Restaurant business is preety tricky and not everyone's cup of tea. From the right culinery to the serving time to ensuring the best quality ingredients and the right temperature to a lot more is no less than rocket science to explain in words. It is an art. The fragrance, the music, the taste,the wholsomeness of the ingredients and the love with which everything is prepared makes it not just stand out but stand beyond beyond.


A spa where the body comes to life and thanks its owner

Rock Your Body, relaesing tension through it while Sole Soother massages

The body is the temple of the soul. The most magical gift from time, life and the creater. It is a legacy which calls to be pampered by its blessed owner. Once that is done, this most miraculous of creations would take care of you from now until a long long time. Come, let's break the spell of ageing.

A lawn where every pawn shall become a queen.

We make Waves and energy pathways which you never thought existed.

The lawn serves as a giant air conditioner to help cool your home. It releases a tremendous amount of oxygen and captures tons of dirt and dust to help keep you and your family healthy. It gives you a place to play croquet. And the healthier your lawn is, the better it keeps up its end of the bargain. What more, you can host grand parties where upto 300 people can celebrate a life lived. Friends of your friends shall also become close friends in such a lovely surrounding.