luxury resort in Pushkar

Luxury Resort In Pushkar

Hotel Aaram Baagh in Pushkar offers a luxurious experience of a spa resort in Pushkar. Situated in Pushkar Town, Aaram Baagh is only 13 km from Ajmer City in the well known Rajasthan state.

Aaram Baagh resort is the excellent choice for a memorable and luxurious stay. As we are in the state of maharajas, we can expect the same luxurious hospitality. We at our resort believe that Guest is our god and try to give the same kind of honor and respect. We have every luxurious amenity like modern attached bathrooms, Wi-Fi, spa and many more. Our resort has spa services and also has an open Pool. Hamam pool gives a beautiful view of the Aravali Mountains and lets you enjoy your vacations like a King.

Rooms at our resort are theme based and give an ancient vibe. We have rooms with themes like Arabian, Egyptian and Persian. Rooms depict these three ancient times.

We also serve our guests with special services like Folk dance which is performed by Kalbeliyas, the snake charmers community. They wear their traditional costumes and entertain everybody. One more luxury we provide to our guests is "Pool Side Dinner" this is the best dinner you will ever have in the world. We organize special kind of dinners and theme-based dinners for our esteemed guests. For the adventure lovers we organize "Trekking", we take you to explore the flora and fauna of the Pushkar, to explore the village lifestyle and regional agriculture experiences. Every day will bring new kind of experience for you.

We are easily accessible from the railway station and we also have our own taxi conveyance if you wish to opt for a pickup and drop. Our resort tariffs are also very nominal, so you get a luxury resort in your Budget.