Aaram Baagh - Agra

'Garden of Retreat' or 'Pleasure Garden'

Explore the natural paradise

Aaram Baagh originates from the venue popularly known as the 'Garden of Retreat' or 'Pleasure Garden' associated with kings and their royal families built for relaxation. These were outhouses built outside the cities for recreation and leisure amidst royal comforts.

Agra is one of the famous tourist destinations comprising Mughal era architecture reflectedin forts, palaces, and monuments, including the 'Taj Mahal,' one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Taking a cue fromthis historical lineage, 'The Pachar Group of Hotels' came up with Aaram Baagh at Agra with two Palaces known as Shahi Mahal and Shalimar Mahal.

Spread in a vast area of greenery with a sylvan background. Aaram Baagh is located on the outskirts of Arga city in a pollution-free and eco-friendly environment amidst a sprawling lush green area. The distance between Aaram Baagh from the famous Taj Mahal is just 10 km and 27 km from Fatehpur Sikri.

Heritage & Architecture

Aaram Baagh reflects the essence of the royal era with its heritage and architecture from 1500-to 1800. Both Shahi Mahal and Shalimar Mahal have been aesthetically designed and constructed with a combination of Indian, Mughal, and European styles of architecture. The red stone used depicts a royal lineage that was significantly used in the architecture of that era.

Era of National Heroes

Aaram Baagh-Agra symbolizes the glorious account of the national heroes who laid their lives toprotect their cultureand heritage.The heroes included Shivaji, Rana Sanga, Tulsi Das, and Maharana Pratap, to name a few.

To recreate the ambiance of this historical era, extensiveresearch was done.The infrastructure and furnishings were planned so as to maintain the sheen of that era. The royal ambiance through art, including old photos and paintings, resemblesthe historical account.All these masterpieces are placed in the rooms, corridors, and sitting lounges of Shahi Mahal and Shalimar Mahal to glare a glimpse of the erstwhile royal era to the visitors who visit Aaram Baagh.

Aaram Baagh has 30 rooms each in Shahi Mahal and Shalimar Mahal, each having a bedroom with an attached bath, a sitting lounge, and an open-air plunge pool where guests can relax in the blue water under the open sky.


Shahi Mahal and Shalimar Mahal have multi-cuisine restaurant, bar and all otherrequired facilities.