The king of good times, the diner of all times.

Be in-sync to figure that metaphysics is just common sense

Dining is one of the most leisure of activities and is the religion of foodoholics. Our duty is to listen to our stomach's calling and Jaipur is that land which justifies every soldier worth his stomach. From the best of Mughlai and Indian cuisine to fast food which is just as fast and cool as the western world, Jaipur pays homage and respect to the entire world. Had an alien speices landed here, they'd possibly stop missing their planet in the city's glory. Such are the places of Entertainment galore which exist for every taste, every choice and every flavour of desire.


Snow-world- just in case you want to take a break from the Sun, an entire ice-world is waiting for you. Well, purer ice exists also on the Himalayas, but here is where you can find little angels celebrating life in their special music and they shall make you become one with life. For them metaphysics is just common sense. Come here and be in-sync with yourself and the sparkling energy of life.

100% Rock : very close to your apartment is this dancing heaven, road to good rock music and great dining out adventures which start with a journey that is 100% honest, 100% committed and100% quality with the dining experience.With Thai , Chinese and European cuisine on-board along with the widest variety of drinks, the large space, outdoor comforts, and rock –themed interiors will surely rock your mind.